It’s All in the Jar: 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Farmer’s Garden Jars

So we all know that what comes inside the Farmer’s Garden jar is just plain delicious – crunchy, salty and flavorful pickles – but what we’re loving this week is how you can repurpose that very same jar. From housing your favorite recipe, to sprucing up your home décor, we’ve got all the tips you need for finding inspiration in the jar. Check out our top five ways to repurpose it below, and be sure to tweet us your own ideas @FarmersGarden.

  1. Repackage a Recipe

Plain and simple, eating a meal out of a jar is just more fun. Mix up a simple salad right in the jar, and you’ll have a full lunch ready to go.  We love this Cheeseburger and Pickles Salad from Baby Loving Mama!
Cheeseburger Salad in a Jar by


  1. Flaunt your Florals

Mason jars are the perfect rustic-yet-chic way to display your finest blossoms. Whether you picked them from your garden or the local florist, flowers will add an inviting and summery feel to your home.

Fresh Cut Flowers in Farmer's Garden by Vlasic Mason Jars


  1. Light it Up

No flowers in sight? No problem! You can still pull together a simple and beautiful display for your table. Simply use the Farmer’s Garden Jar as a candle holder. Add your favorite candle, some ribbon or decorative sand, and voila! (Your guests will be impressed, we promise).

Candle in a Farmer's Garden by Vlasic Mason Jar


  1. Get it Together

These jars are the perfect size for storing odds and ends in any room of your home. From cotton balls and buttons, to knick knacks at your desks, somehow everything looks cleaner (and cuter!) when stored in a jar.

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  1. Take a Gulp

Once you’ve rounded up a few jars (we recommend testing out each flavor in the process), clean them out and use as rustic glassware! Pour your favorite drink over ice, add festive straws and you’ve got the perfect glasses for an outdoor get-together.

Iced Coffee in Farmer's Garden by Vlasic Mason Jars


About the Author:

Seventy years ago, pickling pioneer Joseph Vlasic used fresh, locally grown cucumbers, herbs and spices to create unique pickle recipes that have been shared for generations. Today, we’re savoring that same simple concept with our Farmer’s Garden pickles, in a celebration of authentic, flavorful foods.

5 Responses to “It’s All in the Jar: 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Farmer’s Garden Jars”

  1. Donna

    I love these jars but cannot get the pickle smell out. Any advise out there?

  2. Alex

    Hi Vlasic, where/how can I get some replacement lids to repurpose these jars? It looks like they are 82 deep lug lids, but I can’t anybody that sells them. Would you be able to send me a handful so I can keep living green and reuse perfectly fine glass jars?


    • Vlasic

      Thanks for asking, Alex. We love to hear that you’re living green! The lids for our Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic jars are an 82mm deep skirt lid size, however we do not have extras to offer at this time. While we don’t recommend reusing for canning purposes, the jars are great for storing dry goods, using as glassware, or for enjoying recipes like the ones we’ve featured in this post.

  3. Richard Schulte

    That it girls run the jars thru the dish washer. The jars are great we put our Lone Star Beer in them while working the back forty.



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